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Roni Porat

Conductor, Composer & Leadership Master

  • Art & Culture
  • Business
  • Moderation

    Roni Porat is known for his originality and creativity, which characterize both his artistic and presentational activities

    What Roni Porat promises is anything but predictability…

    – The Jerusalem Post


    The variety of Roni Porat’s professional talents – orchestra conductor, composer in a number of genres, interdisciplinary artist, scriptwriter, actor, double bass player, lecturer and presenter of leadership seminars, coach, radio show host and presenter – are based on his exceptional interpersonal communication abilities, which enable him to communicate naturally with a variety of audiences of all age groups and sectors.

    Roni perfected his unique way of communicating during ten years in which travelled all over Europe as a street performer, musician, juggler and magician, during the 1980’s.

    Roni is a leader in his native Israel in the arena of creativity and innovation on the concert stage. He’s a frequent guest composer and conductor for the world-renowned Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra. He is also invited to conduct his leadership seminars and lectures entitled “Conducting Success”, for different audiences including government agencies, private companies and more.

    Be the person that you would want to follow.

    – Roni’s motto for self-management and leadership

    A bad leader is one of whom his people despise of. A good leader is one of whom his people praise of. A great leader is one that his people proudly say: we have done it ourselves.

    – Lao Tzu

    He possesses a unique charisma and captivating stage personality which make his lectures and seminars unforgettable, enjoyable experiences which provide participants with real tools for personal development. He speaks aboutmindfulness, motivation, consciousness, creativity and communication.

    People’s most common reaction to meetings with Roni Porat are to the warmth and connection that is felt with the person. Roni is fond of saying “My real career is being a human being” and his main focus is to do everything he can to create a better world. Therefore, “The most significant barrier we have to overcome, is our unawakened persona.” In this statement Roni hints at the challenge of conducting ourselves, which stands at the center of his vision.

    Roni Porat was born in 1958, married to Naama and a father to 4 boys.

    Languages: English

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