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Dan Emodi

Marketing Leader

  • Technology

Global Tech-Marketing Executive, Internationally acclaimed Speaker, passionate & result-driven Marketeer


Dan Emodi is technology-marketing veteran and an international speaker of TED, CIW & IFA who started as a sous-chef before transitioning to financial journalism, investment banking and technology pre-sales.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

– Proverb

In the course of his diverse career as a senior Marketing Executive, Emodi developed an alternative point of view on technology, engineering and marketing, with a specific focus on combining emotions and tech. Playing a key role in the emerging field of Emotions Analytics as a VP Marketing, BusDev & Strategy for eXaudios, Beyond Verbal and as an independent consultant, Dan believes Emotions are the most important non-existing interface out there today.

‘To be or not to be’. You can type the words, but can you type the desperation?

– Dan Emodi

Languages: English

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